The Hill Guild

An overwhelming majority of The Hill’s newsroom workers have come together to form a union with the goals of securing equitable and transparent pay, ensuring access to affordable health care and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We believe that achieving these targets through a collective bargaining process will not only improve working conditions at The Hill but ultimately help us reach our institutional goals as a newspaper.

Each and every member of The Hill Guild plays an important part in creating the product that makes The Hill a trusted and reliable source for national political news.

We take pride in the work our reporters, designers, copy editors and video producers and other newsroom workers create and want to ensure that every individual employee can contribute in a safe and secure work environment that provides them opportunities for professional growth.

With that in mind, we are requesting that The Hill’s management and our parent company, Nexstar Media Group, voluntarily recognize our union —a unit of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, part of the Communications Workers of America — and negotiate a contract in good faith.

Proud member Washington-Baltimore News Guild, CWA